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Bank Space (Mario Party 5)

The Bank Space is a special space found first in Mario Party 2.

This special space is always next to the Bank. If a player passes this space, the player pays 5 coins to the Koopa Bank. If a player has less than 5 coins, the bank will take it all anyway. If a player lands this space, the player gains all the coins from the bank deposit. On the Bowser Land board in Mario Party 2, the Bowser Bank worked the opposite way from the normal Bank, loaning you coins when you pass it and taking back the accumulated loans if the space is landed on. In Mario Party 3, a special item, Koopa Card can be used to get all the coins from the bank deposit if a player passes that space. In Mario Party 5, the space was contained in the Koopa Bank Capsule that players could place on the board. The space still worked the same, only it could be done anywhere on the board.