Banisher - Kart Select (Dry Bones) - Mario Kart DS
Dry Bones on his Banisher
First Appearance Mario Kart DS (2005)
Unlockable NoN

The Banisher is an unlockable kart of Dry Bones' in Mario Kart DS. It is unlocked by completing every Nitro Grand Prix 100cc cup. Dry Bones has other two karts being Standard DB and the Dry Bomber.

It has the lowest top speed out of all karts, extremely high Acceleration, high Handling, low Drift, and is light, but is heavier than all of the other karts Dry Bones, himself has and also high items. It looks similar to Turbo Yoshi and Turbo Birdo, except replicating Dry Bones.


  • Speed - 2/10
  • Acceleration - 9.5/10
  • Weight - 5/10
  • Handling - 9/10
  • Drift - 4/10
  • Items - 10/10

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