For the similarly titled minigame in Mario Party-e, see Balloon Burst!.
Balloon Burst
Balloon Burst Gameplay
Gameplay of Balloon Burst from Mario Party
Appearance(s) Mario Party
Mario Party 2
Type 4-player mini-game (Mario Party)
2 vs. 2 mini-game (Mario Party 2)

Balloon Burst, (called クッパふうせん Kuppa Fūsen in Japan), is a 4 player mini-game appearing in the first Mario Party and a 2 vs. 2 in Mario Party 2.

This mini-game is also a mini-game featured as one of the possible ones in Mario Party on the Bowser Space. Whichever three lose have a range from ten to fifty of their coins lost. This mini-game can also be purchased from the Mini-game House for 400 coins.


In this mini-game, the player (or his/her teammate depending on the game) all have a Bowser balloon on which they must pump up quickly until popping their Bowser balloon. Their pumps may turn red, meaning all four (or teams) must be on hiatus for a moment and then return to pumping their balloons. This must be done in a thirty second time limit.


  • N64 A - Push down pump
  • N64 B or N64 Z - Pull up pump