Autobomb Art (Super Mario Bros. 2)
A Shy Guy on an Autobomb.
First Game Super Mario Bros. 2 (1988)
Appearances Super Mario Bros. 2
Homeland Subcon
Located Subcon
Leader Wart
Attacks Shooting fireballs.
Defeated by Starman, Vegetable thrown at.

The Autobomb is a cart-like enemy in Super Mario Bros. 2 that has a cannon attached to it. A Shy Guy is always riding on these. Autobombs move around shooting fireballs at the player, that can injure the player if touched. Autobombs can be defeated by Starman's effect or a thrown vegetable. The player can throw the Shy Guy off the Autobomb and ride it, meaning that he/she can have control of it. In World 4-2 the player has to do this to cross the spikes.