Iron Cleft

The Armored Harriers are two specific Iron Clefts that appear in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door. They also serve as mini-bosses.


At first, unable to break through their iron, Mario loses to them. After losing to them, Mario leaves the Glitz Pit to hang out at the old restaurant there, thinking of some strategy to defeat them. Upon leaving the building, he noticed the Hot Dog Stand owner, frantically trying to grab hold of an egg that was hopping about. The egg stops and jumps up onto the top of the pig's station. Mario goes atop the town of Glitz and picks the egg up.

Soon after, it hatches and Mario's new friend Yoshi comes alive. (The Yoshi's name is chosen by the player) With the help of this new friend, Mario goes back to fight the Iron Clefts. With the effect of Yoshi's Gulp attack, Mario defeats the two brothers, sending them back to the Minor League. When Mario returns to the Minor League locker room later on in the story, he can find those two in there, depressed and horrified.


  • The Armored Harriers are the only named Iron Clefts.
  • The Harriers' shoes are the color red and green and they are brothers. This is, of course, a spoof to Mario and Luigi.

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