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Aerodent's sprite.
First Game Wario Land 4 (2001)
Appearances Wario Land 4
Gender Male
Homeland Topaz Passage
Location Topaz Passage
Species Mouse
Family Unknown
Attacks Releasing Tack Soldiers

Aerodent is one of the bosses in Wario Land 4 whom appears to resemble a mouse.


Aerodent also appears to be flying a giant teddy bear balloon. One of Aerodent's attacks are sending out Tack Soldiers and later on shooting fire. It doesn't wear a rare property but the teddy bear wears the necklace.


The battle starts out with Aerodent releasing a Tack Soldier. If Wario manages to flip over the Tack Soldier, a spike points up and Wario must aim the Tack Soldier and throw it at the teddy bear to deflate it, then he should turn Aerodent upside down, then he is able to hit Aerodent many times as possible. Later on, after a couple of hits, Aerodent starts shooting fireballs and which flames the ground if the ground is hit or if Wario hits it, Wario turns info Flaming Wario. After a number of hits, Aerodent becomes defeated and Wario can move on to completing the last passage, the Sapphire Passage.

When finished off, the Aerodent falls off the inflated teddy bear and the teddy bear deflates, then he receives the necklace.


  • Aerodent is a portmanteau "aero", meaning "air" in Greek, and "rodent".