Ace Coin
An Ace Coin in Super Mario Advance.
First Game Super Mario Advance (2001)
Appearances Super Mario Advance
Owner Mario, Luigi, Toad and Peach.
Type Coin
Effects Collected; 5 Ace Coins collected makes a 1-Up.
Notes Despite the player died on a level, it will still be marked collected. Unless all lives are lost.

The Ace Coin is a collectible coin in Super Mario Advance. They are brownish red if not collected and turn grayish brown once collected. Ace Coins are found in easy and difficult places, depending on what level or world the player is on. Some Ace Coins can be collected by touching it and then killing yourself, because some are situated near the "death zones" of a level. The game counts by percentage all collected Ace Coins. If an Ace Coin has been collected and the player dies within that level, the Ace Coin will still be marked as collected unless all lives are lost.

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