A Bridge Too Short
MP7 A Bridge Too Short
A Bridge Too Short
Appearance(s) Mario Party 7 (2005)
Type Dokey Kong mini-game
Music Solo DK

A Bridge Too Short is a single player Donkey Kong Mini-game from Mario Party 7.


In this mini-game, the player races against Donkey Kong to reach the finish line. The player has to pick one out of the two bridges to cross. There are four pairs of bridges that lead to the finish line. Each pair has a broken bridge and an intact bridge.

If the player attempts to cross a bridge and it turns out to be broken, the player loses time going back to the other bridge. If the player picks the right bridge, they move onto the next pair of bridges.

If the player reaches the finish line before Donkey Kong, the player wins. But if Donkey Kong reaches the finish line first, the player loses.


  • GCN Stick - Move