4-P Pinball
4-P Pinball - Gameplay
Gameplay of 4-P Pinball.
Game Mario Party Advance
Description "Play with up to three friends! Don't let 'em hit the ball into your hole!"
Control(s) "L button - Control red flippers
R button - Control blue flippers
D-pad - Control green flippers
A/B button - Control yellow flippers"
Obtained Available from the start.

4-P Pinball is one of the gaddgets, which, like all others, are invented by Professor E. Gadd. This Gaddget appears in Mario Party Advance.


The game is simply a game of pinball with up to four players being able to play as it geared towards being a multiplayer game. Though, it can be played by one using all necessary buttons. The goal is for one to control their two flippers by hitting a pinball to try get one another out of the game.

Whichever flippers miss hitting the ball which falls into their hole lose the game. A small pink X also forms on their flippers stating they lost. After three are out, the only remaining one wins and nothing else can be done in the minigame itself after this except for moving the flippers or quitting the minigame.

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