Bosses Donkey Kong
Players Jumpman
Previous level N/A
Next level 50m
Game(s) Donkey Kong

25m is the first level in Donkey Kong and the first level ever in the history of Mario and Donkey Kong games. 


25m is a large stage where Mario must move toward the top using ladders in order to reach Pauline. The stage itself has the same color scheme as the later level 75m being mostly red and green. 


The hazards that appears in this level include:

  • Barrels: The main enemies in this level. Donkey Kong throws an infinite amount of barrels attempting to stop Jumpman (Mario).  They can be difficult to avoid since they tend to go down the ladders without warning. Donkey Kong always starts off with a Blue Barrel that spawns a Fireball. That barrel most likely contains gas. The barrels, however, can be taken out with hammers.
  • Fireballs: These enemies appear every time Donkey Kong throws a Blue Barrel into the oil can at the very bottom of the stage. The fireballs in this levels pose very little threat since they appear at the very bottom where Jumpman is nearly at the top already. They can also be taken down with hammers and they could also climb the ladders.
  • Donkey Kong: The main antagonist. Just running into him instanly defeats the player. This is rather rare since one will already climb the ladder to reach Pauline.


  • The overall level, and especially the scene where Donkey Kong jumps on the stage making it slanted and throwing barrels, is considered an iconic moment in games that has even been referenced in countless forms of media, including other video games.