Bosses Donkey Kong
Players Jumpman
Previous level 75m
Game(s) Donkey Kong

100m is the fourth and final level in the video game Donkey Kong.


100m is the second to the biggest stage in this game. Unlike all of there other stages, Mario must win by running over the little pegs (eight total) to cause the entire stage to fall and rescue Pauline once and for all. The stage's color scheme is mainly blue and yellow.


Also unlike all other levels, 100m only possesses one type of hazard: Fireballs. However, these fireballs are much more different from the other Fireballs in the previous levels as they can multiply making the process much harder. They are also more difficult to avoid than the other Fireball enemies, as they will pursue Mario even as he goes up and down ladders doing the same thing. The player can use the hammer to defeat them if they are boxed in.