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Google Play Games

Super Mario Run ឡូយមែន! ពិនិត្យមើលវានៅលើ Google Play Games។ ចង់ដឹងថាអ្នកអាចយកឈ្នះពិន្ទុរបស់ខ្ញុំបានដែរទេ!
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Let’s Share Mario Maker Levels!!!

I would start this off but I don’t have access to my Wii U at the moment.

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Super Mario Party: Refuse to high-five

Just in case you're wondering, every character has an animation when you refuse to high-five them :D A player recently cobbled together all of those reactions and uploaded it to YouTube, which you can see below. Just be warned: there's repeated "Ready... Yeah!" which might just make you want to rip your ears off:

Super Mario Party - All High Five Refusal Reactions
Super Mario Party - All High Five Refusal Reactions YouTube
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Whose Cooler

Who do you think Mario would date
Pauline (his former love) or Peach
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Mario & lugli

Mario game🎮
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I'm having trouble with the long jumps on Super Mario 64.

Hello there my name is Carrie. I've been replying Super Mario 64 and Super Mario 64 DS. I forgot how to do the long jumps on both models. How do you do long jumps so that u can kick against the wall.
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Hemant kumar

Hello world
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Hidden code... or not-so hidden.

You might heared ones or twice about the 'L Is Real 2401'message in 'Super Mario 64'. But, what does it mean? Why it even exists? Does it really says 'L Is Real 2401'? If you have the answer to one of these questions, please answer there! (Sorry that i does'nt have a photo of the message. I will make one when i have time!)
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👋am new
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Top 5 music final Battle in Mario & Luigi games

1 place paper jam
2 place Dream Team
3 Bowser's inside story
4 superstar saga
5 partners in time
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Favorite MarioKart game

I've always been partial to MKDS myself
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Mario maker world 8 level 2

How and his I'm new
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Waluigi in smash ultimate

Waluigi needs to be in smash ultimate!!!!🤗
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Super mario odyssey enemy not in.

So. There is no boo in super mario odyssey, it would have made a great addition but was never added. Reply with your answer to what you think about boos not in super mario odyssey.
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